Okay, so I know that 2015 is still shiny and new, but that doesn’t mean we should shove 2014 into the recesses of our mind, right?

It is only a matter of time before the media dubs 2015 as the year of “whatever” and I would like to reflect on a recent trend that has placed the posterior on a pedestal. I think you know where this is going, but don’t worry, this is not a rant about the “booty”. However, I am itching to discuss exactly how intense this trend is.

Miley Cyrus has received enough flak lately for appropriating twerking, so I will not bore you with that topic. But twerking is a good place to start considering its “revival” in 2013. Even more senior citizens decided to take a ride on the twerking train, which creeps me out but that’s another story that needs its own post. I am more concerned with how twerking paved the way for the rise of the female butt. Yep, in case you missed it, 2014 was the “Year of the Booty”.

Nicki Minaj warned us that unless you’ve got buns, you wouldn’t be getting any. Jennifer Lopez and featured rapper, Iggy Azalea commanded us to throw our hands up if we love a big booty and if we didn’t get it the first time, Meghan Trainor told us that she was bringing booty back!

It is appropriate to say that the booty was a celebrated part of the female form last year, but it is also safe to say that not ALL females could be included in this celebration. I am not sure if there was an increase in the demand for butt implants or if women everywhere tripled their squat reps, but it would be interesting to find out. People have become obsessed with the art of squatting to develop the toned tush they see in music videos . Let’s be real, cellulite and uneven skin tones are a problem for most beautiful women so I am also not sure who “Anaconda” and “Booty” were aimed at

I understand that in every song there is a message and the artists themselves have a special connection to the songs that they put out there, but I think that they should be careful of two things. The first is berating other women who are not included in the category of  the women that they are singing about. Meghan Trainor and Nicki Minaj both refer to “skinny b******” and this is alright to the extent that it puts curvy women in the spotlight that they have been denied for so long. It also might be a counter-argument to all of those women who have been subject to discrimination and bullying because of their size. It can also however, be damaging to women who are naturally thin and as a result are also insecure about their skinniness. Believe it or not, there are women who are tired of explaining how they are not skinny by choice. My question is, is this a movement that is beneficial to all body types, or are we just replacing one body standard with another?

The second thing that I think these artists should be careful of is making everything come down to who we are on the outside. I understand that this is what entertainment and the media is all about, but your true personality and character, come from within.

I am all for celebrating bodies, but hopefully, 2015 will be the year of celebrating not just one body type but a diversity of them. As consumers of the media we should also focus our attention on our inner beauty and not come to define ourselves because of what we look like. It is probably a long-shot but it would be awesome to see the internet breaking because of a person’s (positive) deeds and character and not because of their physical traits.

The End.