Opening the world of reading

At Little Red Dragon Preschool, it is never too early to develop a love of reading.

Every day, a class of 20 young minds are encouraged to delight in the world of books, instead of waiting to be introduced when they start ‘big school’.

The ages of the children of Little Red Dragon may range from four to six, but for them, reading is an activity that they are learning to thoroughly enjoy. They are not only read to by their teachers in English, but in Afrikaans and isiXhosa as well.

The staff at Little Red Dragon believe that it is important to teach the children in their mother-tongues; alongside the primary medium of instruction which is English. It is proven that children learn better in their own language. It is also a good opportunity to develop future multilingual citizens who are appreciative of diversity and who have a formidable grasp of more than one language.

Below are a series of photographs of the Little Red Dragon preschoolers during their reading time. The main boy featured in the pictures is 4 year-old Luciano Gallant. Luciano cannot yet read but has memorised the words of his favourite book, Kassie se Glimlag. Many of the children at Little Red Dragon come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are either under the care of grandparents or foster parents. However, this has not stopped them from developing in the classroom and embracing books.

1-DSC_0199  1-DSC_0197

1-DSC_0194  1-DSC_0192


During reading time, each child is allowed to pick a book from the classroom library. They are usually encouraged to read aloud to one another.


Chante Blom, 5, and Kimberley Njani, 5, during reading time.


Once they have chosen their books, the children must try to identify the main character of their book on an illustrated map. Luciano, points to a frog.


Shakira Sauls, 5 and the book she has chosen from the classroom library.

1-Little Red Dragon_1

Luciano first reaches for the Bible from the classroom library!


…But he eventually settles for an easier read!


The spotlight is on Luciano as he is asked by the teacher to “read” aloud to the class. Kassie se Glimlag is one of his favourite stories that he has memorised and is about a boy who has lost his smile.



At the end of the book, Kassie finds his smile from being hugged by his loving parents.


2 thoughts on “Opening the world of reading

  1. Wow I can see joy in his face …hope and pray that he continues with this love for books. It looks so natural actually I be that’s what ECD is about……..early reading for lasting love for books

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